Building a replica of something we all know is a great way to understand what happens behind what the user sees on their screen. Blocipedia allows users to create their own wikis.


Make a web application for collaborative modification of content. Although each wiki is created by a user, other users can add to or change the content. Incorporate a payment system to allow users to upgrade their account for premium features.


Blocipeda begins with a backbone similar to previous Rails projects that I’ve built. The idea of making a particular wiki private was the most challenging. In order to do this, the user must have an upgraded account. Stripe is implemented to receive payment to upgrade a users account. Private wikis would then be viewable and modifiable to only those who are added as contributors. If the creator downgrades to a standard account, their private wikis will then be changed to public.


Getting a deep understanding of the association between models really helped building Blocipedia. Private wikis relied on collaborators to associate users to wikis. This application made building my Capstone Project possible.


Unique applications are often built from first understanding how existing applications work. Then by taking apart those elements and combining them with something new, the possibilities can be limitless.