The first Rails project that I built with my mentor at Bloc.


Since this was the first project that I built using the Rails framework, it centered around getting familiar with its workflow, more than the project itself. Working on Bloccit also gave me a formal introduction to using Git and Github for version control.


Building Bloccit taught me what was involved in making a Rails web app, from beginning to end. Understanding the relationship that models have with controllers to display views, and users interfacing with the views to send information through the controller back to the models made building Rails applications a lot more limitless. Adding just one more model to interact with the rest of the application made it seem to grow exponentially with richness in features.


Although Bloccit was a simple project, it provided a foundation that was used to build all other projects during my experience with Bloc. It was the most guided, connect-the-dots application, but building it was more about learning how to make a successful product, than the product itself.


Overall, Bloccit was a great introductory application that taught very useful concepts and best-practices that carried on into future projects.