Helped develop Pledge Class to the first deployable version with MadeByMunsters.


As leaders of Sororities and Fraternities grow their organizations, it becomes more and more difficult to track, each member’s involvement in their university and organization.


Pledge Class helps these organizations to stay on top of the day-to-day activities for their members. Leaders can create events and assign point values for those activities. Members can submit an activity for approval which results in a tally of points.


Since my contribution to Pledge Class, the app has been actively used in a small test group of universities for refinement. It has kept those organizations that are using the application more active, and made it easier to keep up with each member.


I developed Pledge Class with MadeByMunsters, a small remote team, staying connnected with daily conversations on Slack, ScreenHero, and Hangouts. This was an exciting experience for me as I was able to learn from experts and be a large part in the making of this application.