Bloc is great primarily because it’s an online programming bootcamp. But, the drawback to some, it’s an online programming bootcamp.

People have different methods of learning. There are visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and the list goes on. Some need the guidance and pace from a presenter. For me, I work best conceptualizing and learning on my own. Bloc worked for me because I focus best when I get in the zone and get rid of all distractions. If I don’t understand something right away, I don’t feel bad for disrupting the class, I am the class. I can take breaks at any time, and food is always welcome.

Although Bloc is a remote school, you really get a sense of an administration, guiding you through the system. When I first gathered information from their website, I received an email from one of their staff members answering questions I had. With his help, I chose the apprenticeship that fit my needs and goals and was later greeted by my program coordinator. She made sure I was prepared and had everything I needed to get started.

During the courses, you’re not alone. Well, you mostly are, but you get one-on-one pair-programming sessions where a highly skilled mentor goes over your work, makes sure you’re understanding and guides you towards success. This is the best part about Bloc. You get your own time with someone who feels like they’re right there looking over your shoulder (in this case, screen sharing) getting your code to work. If you thought you liked Stack Overflow, wait till you experience this!

So far, I’ve gone through the foundations portion and all of the projects in my backend Rails course. In a few weeks I should begin working on the frontend of my full-stack apprenticeship, and I have to say that I’m totally looking forward to it. I’ve never been more satisfied learning so much and the people at Bloc certainly help you along the way.

Check plus!